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About Me

Hi I’m Amber Turrill and I’m an independent advertising consultant. I work mostly with small to medium sized businesses and handle PPC, SEO, copy, graphic design, social – pretty much any form of online marketing. I provide individual consulting services to businesses of any size! To get a free quote, contact me at amber@amberturrill.com.

A few facts about me to help us get to know each other:

  • I began my marketing career over ten years ago. I started out as an independent agent/publicist for artists and musicians (I still do that type of work for my husband, painter Ru Gomez.) I did a year stint at a large PPC agency in Austin, TX, then started my company in 2009.
  • My marketing specialties include content, strategy, determining KPI, social, SEO strategy (particularly onsite) and rolling any budget (large or small) into a comprehensive marketing plan that works.
  • I teach community marketing empowerment classes and have created workshops and webinars for the Grammys, Brainhost and Betamore, a Baltimore local ad incubator.

Fun non-business stuff:

  • I am a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and the marketing chair of the AQYC (Austin Queer Yoga Collective).
  • I’m proud to support LGBT rights, BLM and take part in activism in those spaces.
  • I’m a prolific ghostwriter. I pump out around a dozen books for people a year of various lengths, across genres.
  • My primary passion in life is music. I play several instruments and hold an MA in Ethnomusicology from the University of Maryland @ College Park. I studied classical guitar as part of my undergraduate degree and still play.
  • I’m married to my kickass, awesome husband Ru Gomez who is a full-time artist and musician.
  • I have a cat named Charles. He’s awesome.

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