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One of the main problems with demographic audience targeting is pigeonholing. Let me give you an example –

Say I’m selling a new toy meant for infants. At first glance, targeting mommybloggers, new parents or women in a certain age range might make sense. But what about Facebook – a place where you can actually demographically target your audience in a more meaningful way than ever?

Rethinking Audience Targeting

Facebook targeting allows your audience to become more than just random people – in this case moms – who may or may not click your ads. You have the opportunity here to create ads targeted to very three-dimensional people with a variety of interests.

What I’m saying is this – consider looking at your target buyer as a person rather than a series of characteristics on a sheet. To go back to our infant toy example, think about the perfect buyer for your product:

• What kind of music does she like?
• What are her favorite authors?
• What kind of job might she have?
• What interests her? What types of hobbies does she have?

Sometimes it benefits us to put our target customers in a box – but technology like Facebook ads really forces us to get out of that habit and think of new, inventive ways to get a lower CPC. Let’s think and talk a little more about this as we go, shall we?