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People lie. Numbers don’t lie.

This is the universal truth when it comes to working with a marketing person. I can spend hours on the phone going through your marketing and telling you how great I am, but if I don’t leave you with some numbers and some actionable information I’ve basically just wasted an hour of your time.

These are not exactly Amberisms because surely greater marketers have said all this before me. But in my experience, here’s the hard line when it comes to hiring someone, having them in your life or allowing yourself to be influenced by this person:

When it comes to what people care about, actions say it all.

If someone you’ve hired never checks in with you, if a friend never calls during a rough patch in your life, if you move in circles with people who don’t care how you’re affected by their actions – these people don’t care about you, your business or whatever you may have at stake. It is best not to give money or emotional energy to these people (seriously).

Life is a nebulous mass of all sorts of factors bumping up against each other. There are always extenuating circumstances. But people who have opportunity after opportunity to make good and don’t – won’t. They are a financial and/or emotional liability.

**All this applies to tipping your server, BTW. Tip your server people!

Problems are Opportunities in a wolf’s clothing.

Recently, my incredibly talented and motivating friend Bevis Griffin told me, “There are always going to be problems. If you’re waiting for your life to get to that nice, comfortable, trouble-free zone, you’re always going to be waiting.”

People are watching me. They’re watching you. They watch how we act when situations get real. If every situation is a problem to us rather than an opportunity for a solution, people notice that. Chicken Little didn’t have any friends because being friends with Chicken Little sucks.

Bullshit is Obvious.

That 80’s song – “Why don’t they do what they say, say what you mean – one thing leads to another.” A good sell is an honest one and again, NUMBERS DON’T LIE. You can’t bullshit a decimal point.

I’m trying to make it a point to take emotion out of business conversations that don’t require it, because bullshit never got anybody anywhere. I’m not saying vulnerability isn’t a good thing, it just isn’t always required to get to the goal. So I’m making it a point over the next 30 days to try to deal in facts. I’ll let you know how it goes!

So summary of all this: getting to the numbers, the facts and the actions reduces a lot of noise that doesn’t make sense when it comes to getting to the goal. Whether that goal is better business, better relationships or a better life in general, eradicating noise has to be a primary, defining factor in decisions. Time is far too precious to waste!

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