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Google Analytics is a beautiful thing. Not every company is using it – many of the people I bring on don’t really know too much about it and are only guessing when it comes to their website numbers as well as their sales.

To succeed with your marketing, you have to know who’s buying, what they’re buying and how long it takes them to buy. In order to come to those conclusions, you absolutely must have metrics tracking on your site and access to ecommerce data. Numbers don’t lie.

Show, don’t tell works because you deserve to know why decisions are being made. You can’t just hand your marketing over to someone and expect them to succeed on anecdotal data alone. Every day in business is a data set and the right marketer will see it that way.

Some thoughts on how to best present and analyze data:

  1. All commerce shops should have a good idea of where every single individual sale came from, how much it cost them to get it and how much of an item is sold. All this information should be configured into a shopping cart.
  2. Similarly, every company should gather demographic data to determine the age, gender, interests and income set of the person who did the buying. This can be done through surveys if nothing else.
  3. Third party email companies who do independent sends should be able to present data that corroborates with analytics. It doesn’t have to be an 100% match – analytics isn’t perfect – but it needs to be close.
  4. Plumb Adwords accounts and other cpc endeavors to determine who’s clicking and if the clicks are actually resulting in sales.
  5. HAVE A CONVERSION TRACKING STRATEGY. You should know specifically what sends people to your website so they buy, down to the keyword. This is non-negotiable for every business out there.


Showing clients how data drives decisions is the most important part of what we do. Marketing decisions can’t be emotional – those emotional decisions are how people end up with the worst websites on earth (I can give you a few examples, if you’d like). Every decision has to be analytics-based or it’s simply a waste of our time AND the client’s time.

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