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Regardless of my actual age, I find myself sitting pretty solidly in that millennial camp. Childless, digital technology job, wardrobe consists mostly of band or horror film tshirts, extreme all-things-internet geek. You know the drill.

One of the most common features of us millennial folk is our deep hatred of talking on the phone. I think for those of us in the older bracket, that hatred runs a little deeper. Dating rituals for the 90s teenager involved the horrifying ritual of possibly having to talk to parents before reaching your love interest on the phone, or worse, leaving a message with their parents.

I digress. I don’t want to get into the whole “kids these days!” thing.

Point is, we hate being on the phone because it’s inconvenient. Technology provides us with escapism in terms of confronting those painful little rituals that were once part of life. And when faced with calling a behemoth (as in, a huge bank, a hotline, Google or God help you the IRS,) we’d much rather have an online chat feature in front of us so we don’t have to waste precious minutes (or hours!) of our time. Am I right?

Here’s the take-home:

You have to call Google if you’re having a problem. Well, you don’t technically have to, but you should.

You should call Google if something goes wrong because when you make that call, a human evaluates your account. Whether it’s an Adwords account, a business listing, etc., if you can call and talk to a human – do it. Do it because when a human looks at your account, they will reset things.

This means that 9 times out of 10, a website or an ad disapproval or a quality score will be re-evaluated. While you’re listening to that delightful hold music, you can do other stuff. And most of the time, someone who can actually help you will answer the phone.

Ranking problems? Well if you can’t figure out how to get your site ranked, Google is probably not going to help you. But if there’s an approval or an issue that just won’t fly, picking up the phone will fix it. It really will.

Trust me.

Just do it.

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