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So I broke down and bought a planner. Who cares, right? Everybody has some kind of strategic organization system-or if they should just so happen to be managing your assets somehow, you hope they do.

The thing about having a planner is that I have absolutely no idea what I’m looking for any more. I took a look at every kind of planner out there, painstakingly considering what my options look like and what would be worth the cash. I eventually opted for the brilliant Passion Planner, a long time Kickstarter favorite that had some bumps in the beginning but is now a widely recognized, super effective planning product across multiple industries.


File Aug 12, 2 06 23 PMThe problem with working in a digital world is that you need to be able to access your assets digitally. It’s good business to be able to pull up what’s needed with just a few touches-but the problem is, digital technology has not afforded us a device that mimics the art of writing in a tangible, satisfying way. So we’re left with all these clunky machines that we can write on, but that don’t feel like paper.

Dammit touch technology, get with the program.

So, I bought this planner and also an assortment of colorful pens and paper products to keep my crap together. I thought if I color-coded and organized my life, it would somehow make me into a happier person.

Turns out, the only true delight I get from my planner is when I complete a task and mark itoff. One of my chief joys in life is making sure that I get stuff done and have my shit together. As it turns out you don’t really need to cross a task off to feel good about it. Checking the little checkbox on my iTasks would have done that for me.

So over this next week, me and this planner are going to have a little bit of a different relationship. I’m going to use it to track work appointments and such, but in terms of a to do list it is going to be kept strictly for me to explore my personal to dos. Like every workaholic, I often ignore things like nourishment and exercise in favor of working on a website or getting a marketing program running. The end result is higher productivity, but it’s also eventually burn out-the only true productivity killer out there besides death or dismemberment.

Anyway, it’s a work in progress. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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