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Complicated relationship as concept for group therapy or marriagMy business coach is trying to get me to think more about what I want to do with my business. Over the past month, the way I think about my future has changed a good bit.

It’s not always easy to figure out what you DO want – and for this reason, he’s asked me to write a little about what I don’t want. Obviously the process of elimination could help point me in the right direction. So, in the spirit of trying to get to that next level, I want to spend the next few minutes meditating about what I don’t want.

I don’t want a lack of authenticity in my life. I want to live authentically and I want the people around me to be authentic with me. Going through fairly radical life changes gives you a sense of who your real friends are and who’s been pretending. It shows you who you’re important to, who you truly matter for.

Ultimately, the people who are worth your time are the people who want you to win and are willing to give you their time and energy. We all deserve to be surrounded by people who are for us. I am really grappling with getting a better sense right now of who those people are in my life and my work.

The same goes true for business. Authenticity in business relationships is so important. I think commission work is great, but I’m looking for life-changing relationships. A good example of this is my good friend Dan Petrucelli, who owns Pizza Party Printing. We’re working together right now with the commitment that we both want to be elevated and to do life-changing business. I want to create a lift in his brand that will allow him to live the kind of life he’s looking for, and he wants me to be on board as he succeeds and share in those successes with him – financially, emotionally, spiritually. That’s what it’s all about.

I want long-term relationships with people. Not just friends, not just my fiancee, but clients. I am looking for long-term situations because I want my story to be a rich narrative full of commitment, trust and success.

So this basically just turned into “What I Do Want” instead of “What I Don’t Want.”

Well done, Don!

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