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There is unfortunately such a thing is list fatigue. If you are emailing people enough, they’re going to stop caring what you have to say unless you are offering them a deal or something specific that could benefit them. This is a struggle for every business in every industry-getting clients interested in what you have to offer while making your content engaging enough for people to want to stick around.

One of the main drawbacks of any kind of list marketing is the fatigue factor. There are a variety of ways to prevent fatigue as much as possible, but you’re just not going to keep everyone interested in your list at all times. It’s pretty much impossible. To give your customers the best bang for their buck when subscribe to your list, you’re going to need to consider three factors:

1. Who you are marketing to;

2. What types of  information are they going to consider valuable and what types of information will simply be viewed as a waste of time;

3. What types of offers your audience consistently places value on.

Your content should be created not just to get that open all the time-as in, not to feature a spammy subject that is going to consistently get the open, then end up with a disinterested person when the email sucks.  We should all be thinking of our email marketing services as a network building opportunity. What do you have to showcase about yourself that would make a client interested in further engaging with you? How can your email stand the test of time by delivering content that is not only useful, but something your audience would actually want to read?

There’s plenty to consider here – these are simply a few of the factors to keep in mind. If you can’t clearly answer questions regarding the three factors above, maybe it’s time to consider a different approach.

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