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From both the working side and the client side, dealing with a two or more companies’ involvement in any project can be interesting. – both good and bad kinds of interesting.

Regardless of the person, everyone works in their own way. So many things influence this – from the way we were taught to do marketing to client expectations to the anticipated milestones. When everyone on a team isn’t speaking the same language or working toward a goal in the same way, things get lost in translation and relationships go sour.

I’d recommend taking the following approach when you’re working on a project with other companies – or, as a client, if you’ve hired more than one company to execute to your goal.

Set the goal. This goal cannot be nebulous. Without a specific end result to drive toward, whether this is a metric or a qualitative goal, the entire team is essentially grasping around in the dark. Things like KPI, ROI or those qualitative standards are the light switch. Everyone must agree on the goal, and the marketing teams or contractors need to be the ones to either set the goal or bring the client’s goal to an attainable medium. The client always looks to the teams (s)he hires to do this. For the teams: We should NOT allow clients to hold us to ROI goals that are unrealistic. It’s our job to let our clients know what to expect for a certain investment.

Set Realistic Deadlines. Deadlines are what keep the team accountable. There should be one person doing the heavy lifting on this – so generally, one project manager. This keeps the team accountable across the board.

Transparency. Everything other than the drive to the goal is just noise. If there’s a detected level of accountability being pushed aside or not really taken care of, trust becomes fleeting almost immediately. Transparency is the first and most important part of any relationship.

The Client Should Not Be the Referee. Ever. Contractors who are putting their client in the middle of transparency conflicts don’t belong on a project. Period.

Interested in bringing more than one contractor to your project? I can skillfully and tactfully audit your current marketing capabilities, help you find out what’s missing and be your center piece as needed. Let’s chat!

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